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Yay Morbid! Publishing Co.

We ship llamas worldwide

10/30/07 07:04 pm - penguiny734


4/14/07 07:04 pm - bloodreapress - Hey everybody, haven't been here...

It's Zen!

I miss you guys a lot...just coming to say I won't be going back to TIP, ever, because my family's pretty poor. >.>

On the brighter side...I'm getting a book published. (It kills me to see the stuff I posted up here before...it sucked!)

Missing you~

8/19/06 01:59 pm - parazel

OMG!! They pimped Narnia!!!!

8/13/06 06:52 pm - ubermorbid_soup

Wow, this place is getting boring.

It's as boring as I am soupy. Which is to say, so boring that it's in danger of imploding on itself.

7/23/06 04:55 pm - parazel

Rose has learned that she should let her eyes fall upon fanfics for her favorite books only if she's feeling particularly masochistic.

Edit: I just did a real headdesk. Three times, actually. It hurt the outside of my head, but it was nothing compared to the hurt within it.


7/15/06 01:10 pm - aurelias_roses

E-Letters from CampCollapse )

heh...my favorite comment= "no, if they have access to these it is camp just COMPUTER CAMP, now i dont wanna be mean or anythign but COMPUTER CAMP IS FOR NERDS, SENDING YOUR KID TO A CAMP LIKE THAT IS CALLING YOUR OWN SON/DAUGHTER A NERD"


7/12/06 12:58 pm - parazel - OMGOMGOMG

These are hilarious.
You people might want to see them. Especially you, Emily.

7/12/06 02:02 am - morbid_soup - ...

Ive been speed reading harry potter books
All day...
(Im going to a family reunion, and my cusin is a harry potter freak. We're having a trivia contest and Ive at least got to give her a little compitition)
Finished book six in four hours today...

And, as always, got sucked into the whole story...
And came up with some crazy assed theories...
Some of which ive had for a while...
but, for lack of activity on the forum, and boredom, I will post them

1.If harry lives at the end
-He becomes defence against the da teacher

2.If harry dies at the end
-He is the last horicrux

3.Doesnt matter
-R.?.M -sirious' brother
-Voldimort dies (i have to say it)
-Snape killed dumbledoor(d) on d's command, to get him into v's inner circle
-Ron and hermione get together
-Ginny dies (shes setting it up for gods sake, how blind can we be)


7/11/06 09:29 pm - misao7



Just real quick: East was lots better than Davidson. As a campus. Sorry 'bout that.

7/9/06 06:21 pm - parazel - Just a nice little message.

You know, it would be nice if you people posted in here every once in a while.
And to think, we had it going nicely for almost a year!

7/2/06 07:25 pm - parazel - Right off the top of my head...

OK, so here's what I can think of right now:

God is a transsexual, pansexual perv, and Jesus wants your children.


You pick nine, I pick cow.

I thought that I was already skullfucked by Nietzsche...

I'm in a syphilitic coma!

Emo smile

Your eyes are beautiful... can I touch them?

You're not going to kill me. You're wearing a poofball hat!

I will beat you with my dissertation!

I want to poke Nietzsche's moustache.

The Slave Morality of TIP

Buckethead kid

Stalker guy

Oh! Foiled again, *name omitted*! Where's your PhD now?!

That doesn't sound like a chainsaw at all!

I am the reincarnation of Freud.

Your mom

Fifty thousand Yo Momma jokes

Yo Daddy jokes


Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew! (And the Potato Jig)

Jesus Jingles

Freudian slips

*name omitted* REVEALED TO BE CUDDLY!!!!

Do you believe that trees have minds and souls?


Dead... dead like Michel Foucault dead?

We have come to the conclusion that there is nothing "more than this".

Pirates or ninjas?

If the Sun disappeared, would we feel the lack of the Sun's gravitational pull first or notice the lack of light first?





The Duke statue is a total pimp.


Chair Symbiotes

"If you tell another Yo Momma joke, I'm going to get really mad."

"Have you all learned your lesson about respecting other people?"

Real gay guys wear pink.

The Jesus JinglesCollapse )

6/25/06 11:21 am - bloodreapress

Is anybody still alive, or are you all at TIP? So...I guess what Martini said about us going out of touch is true, then. *remembers random stuff*

5/15/06 05:24 pm - bloodreapress - Well, hello.

I remember waaaaaaaaaaay back in 2005 when Emily posted something about internet withdrawal symptoms or something similar to that. Anyone care to show me where it is?

4/30/06 02:22 pm - jeweleddragon

Does anyone have any pictures of me from TIP?

4/10/06 07:53 pm - jeweleddragon - A memory.

Cellblock TangoCollapse )

4/8/06 03:46 pm - jeweleddragon


3/31/06 09:48 am - jeweleddragon - *pokes with a spork*

onelightperhaps deleted himself.

Why are so many people deleting themselves?!

3/29/06 08:15 pm - jeweleddragon - He's been keeping a not-so-secret secret...

Ha. Ha. John is a carpetlicker.
He's also a carpetmuncher.

FSM bless Urban Dictionary.

3/27/06 06:28 pm - jeweleddragon

So, who wants the beloved midnightlynx to become an honorary TIPper, and maybe even an honorary Wonderwart?

But it doesn't matter whether you say yes or no, because I'm making him one anyways. *grin*

3/9/06 09:44 pm - bloodreapress

I was opening a story and this popped up.

'Love' does not exist. It may have been moved since it was dowloaded. 'Love' might also have encountered a problem in the transferring process. 'Love' also may have been deleted.

How weird.

3/5/06 09:48 pm - jeweleddragon - ...

Long random comment chains.


2/27/06 08:09 pm - bloodreapress

I got accepted into squad number six =_= wow...that squad is near impossible to get accepted into.
Okay, this makes me hated among those in the other squads...eh...whatever, they suck anyway, they're really preps that joined this thing only to sound cool.
Anyway, enough of that.
What word do you think is most offensive? Or phrase...

2/26/06 05:27 pm - morbidtea - STFU

Screw ubermorbid_soup. He's pathetic and obviously zeio_eunei trying to find a way to express her huge, bloated crush on morbid_soup.

2/26/06 01:49 pm - ubermorbid_soup - Look, I can spell!

I'm way more uber than morbid_soup.

P.S. - All your base are belong to ME!

2/21/06 08:45 pm - bloodreapress

Joining suicide squad.
Will be gone for a very long time.

2/8/06 06:38 pm - jeweleddragon - interesting...

Want to have a hot, steamy orgy with a Jabberwock?Collapse )

2/8/06 06:36 pm - jeweleddragon


2/5/06 08:23 pm - jeweleddragon

Those poor souls who are going to check their email and find the excessively long threads of Martini and I taking up 90% of their inbox space...

2/4/06 09:04 pm - jeweleddragon - Say it all!

What are your thoughts on the long, semi-pointless chains of comments that Martini and I have been having which may contain the meaning of life?

/end what sounds like a run-on sentence

2/4/06 02:00 pm - jeweleddragon - Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Big fonts are quite amusing.

(Please make this blow up your f-page. Please make this blow up your f-page. Oh please, dear Buddha, make it blow up their f-pages.)

2/3/06 10:51 pm - zeio_eunei

This is the saddest (as in it's really good) AMV I have ever watched.
I even cried.
But of course, I cry by laughing with tears, so...
Get Kleenex, it's about 3 minutes. Click on 'Local', then go down, click 'Proceed', then wait ten or so seconds.

1/30/06 06:19 pm - life_question


does this icon remind anyone of anything? *coughclippitcoughcough*

and I would like to re-issue Rose's challenge to have really long comment chains with me.

so...what are you waiting for?

make me feel loved!

x-posted to life_question

1/29/06 07:41 pm - jeweleddragon - Indeed.

This icon suits me quite well.

1/29/06 05:56 pm - zeio_eunei

Interesting conversation I had on AIM.
I am p1 (pervertone) on I Luv Math!'s account. My guyfriend is 02, and the owner of the account it Jenny.
This was the best conversation EVER.
Beware extreme pervertedness.
Read more...Collapse )

1/28/06 06:38 pm - jeweleddragon

I dare you all to have the LONGEST COMMENT CHAINS WITH ME EVER.

As in, chains of replies a hundred comments long or more.

Go on, I dare you!

Betcha caaaannnn'tt... *sticks out tongue and dances around*

1/27/06 08:51 pm - jeweleddragon - Emily thought this convo should be preserved.

*cuts out stuff from the rest of the conversation to save space and easily scarred minds*
Read more...Collapse )

1/26/06 06:51 pm - zeio_eunei

Okay, now I'm scared of elmo.
Really scared.
Read left to right.

1/19/06 07:10 pm - zeio_eunei

Please ignore.
I'm doing this to all the communities because of a sugar-induced insanity.
Read more...Collapse )

1/15/06 08:18 pm - zeio_eunei

ranting, again.
For those of you that watch Naruto, read.
Read more...Collapse )
I am proud to be a gaara/neji sasunaru itasasu (incestuous yaoi!) kakairu (incestuous yaoi again!) fangirl.
that's a lot...
*end mindless wandering*

1/10/06 05:13 pm - aurelias_roses

Someone at tipkids brought this up earlier:

in the TIP booklet that came in the mail, there was a paragraph that said:
"Due to limited housing availability on college campuses in the summer, some of our students may have to live on floors in their residence halls with members of the opposite sex; however, the students will have adult supervision, will live in same sex residential groups, will use same sex bathroom facilities, and will be only allowed to have same sex visitors in their rooms..."

O_O New rule. Bad new rule. But there's a couple of little things I'm not sure about:
-Does this apply only to our own rooms, or does this also apply to the lounges?
-Does this apply on floors with both guys and girls, or all floors?
Yes, I know it would make more sense to apply to all floors. It's just that the wording is kinda odd...

1/7/06 11:06 am - zeio_eunei

All right then.
http://www.deviantart.com/view/25552602/ - OMGZ
http://www.deviantart.com/view/23675442/ - Aisha, so tactless
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15336462/ - oh, now I see why parvati thot Firenze was cute.
http://www.deviantart.com/view/15775350/ - I luv u hermoine
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13936737/ - I luv u too, voldie

1/6/06 07:49 am - jeweleddragon


1/4/06 12:30 pm - zeio_eunei








*deep breath

I'll send it to y'all.

1/4/06 12:18 pm - zeio_eunei - TIP IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment has come.
The classes for TIP are here.
May we rejoice and bow down to the almighty course catalouge.
First of all, woah. Ther're holding one site of TIP in Texas A&M. Good lord.
What classes do y'alls wanna take?

1/3/06 09:54 pm - jeweleddragon - Respond to the post, damnit.

I was also thinking about compiling a bunch of quotes to put in this community's userinfo.

Then I realized that this community is nothing but deliciously quotable material.

Also, should I create a community called "tipsy_slash"?

1/3/06 09:49 pm - jeweleddragon - ...

Say something about me that could be quoted in my userinfo.


1/3/06 03:07 pm - jeweleddragon - Quizzy!

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See emilyrose3292's results.Collapse )

Now, you all must take the quiz and post it in this comm. NOW!

1/1/06 03:55 pm - zeio_eunei - FINE THEN.

I had a really weird dream in which Kakashi and - er - Tsubasa were - um - *involved*.
And then, somehow, John and Noah popped up (wtf?).
Weird dream aside, REVIEW.
Read more...Collapse )

12/30/05 06:24 pm - zeio_eunei

Draco Dormeins by Cassandra Claire. (I think thats what it is)
It's part of a trilogy fanfic but its really good and nice and angsty (good kind).
There's this one part that goes kinda like this (ron's held captive by Voldemort, and he's with guideish person Rhysenn).

Ron: (changing clothes. Is naked. Notices a mirror and wonders if Voldemort can see him through it. Walks over to the mirror and does a rude naked dance in front of it, and then continues changing)
Ron: Hey, turn around, I'm changing clothes. (geez, another change)
Rhysenn: It's not like I haven't seen everything. I was watching you dance in the mirror. By the way, I liked the high jumps.
Ron: *is red*
I LOV I LOV I LOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/30/05 06:13 pm - zeio_eunei

Copyrited: if you steal I will make you my next victim. Plus it's plaigirism.

Read more...Collapse )

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